JUDiTH+ROLFE are designers who create custom and unique artwork out of paper by using various techniques such as quilling, folding, and cutting.

Part romance, part creative journey:

Judith met Rolfe in New York City in 2006 while we were both working as architects; it was not love at first sight. But love eventually did blossom, and fast-forward a few years later, a job opportunity for Rolfe brought us to the Twin Cities. Judith was still working as a freelance architect, but was not entirely fulfilled and generally felt aimless after the move.

In 2016, the need for thoughtful baby gifts inadvertently turned Judith into a paper enthusiast. Using quilling paper strips, Judith handcrafted thoughtful keepsakes by gluing paper on its edge to create three-dimensional names and artwork. Judith has always known she wanted to make something with her hands; this new hobby soon became a full-time passion and she has not stopped working with paper since. Judith now runs JUDiTH+ROLFE from our home studio in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Judith is the right-brain, artistic director, and maker of the operation. Rolfe is the left-brain, analytical, rational problem-solver, and logistics guy. He is the sounding board and the punniest person we both know. We love double entendres and portmanteaus. Both of our backgrounds are rooted in architecture, hence we enjoy modern, simple and clean design. Geometry, nature, and typography are constant themes in our work, which is still constantly evolving as new ideas are continually being generated. To see more current work, visit us on Instagram.

p.s. Those dino mask templates are by the ever-amazing Wintercroft.